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TDAH e infância contemporânea: Um olhar a partir da psicanálise [ADHD and the contemporary childhood: An approach through the Psychoanalysis]

SCHICOTTI, R. V. O. TDAH e infância contemporânea: Um olhar a partir da psicanálise [ADHD and the contemporary childhood: An approach through the Psychoanalysis]. 157 p. Doctoral Thesis – UNESP. Assis (SP). 2013.

Available on: https://repositorio.unesp.br/bitstream/handle/11449/105623/schicotti_rvo_dr_assis.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y

According to the Forum on the Medicalization of Education and Society, from 2005 to 2010 there was an increase in the purchase of methylphenidate by public agencies of around 1400%. Thus, contextualizing and understanding the growing number of diagnoses of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, as well as the increase in the sale of drugs for this disorder, has been a common endeavor of many authors who are dedicated to the subject of childhood. The present work aims to understand the meanings and peculiarities of the symptomatology of ADHD, elucidating the polysemy imbricated in the singularity of each particular case. The specific objectives were: to identify the unique experiences of children, parents and teachers and understand the meanings communicated and difficulties; to point out some correlations between certain traits of our culture and the culture and the current proliferation of diagnoses of the disorder. To this end, I carried out a study with children who were referred for psychological care in a city in the interior of São Paulo. in a city in the interior of São Paulo state. Three cases of children diagnosed with ADHD three cases of children diagnosed with ADHD, all medicated with methylphenidate and/or other drugs, They were followed by neuro pediatricians and psychologists. Thus, I chose to work with the psychoanalytic method. It fits into a qualitative research model, since in this research model, knowledge has an interpretive character, as it is in the sense that it is constructed in a process of meaning attribution. Thus, based on the bibliography studied, the cases treated, and the psychoanalytic view, I could verify that in the contemporary world, it has become increasingly rare to abstain from technologies to educate children and adolescents. It was frequent the the lack of discrimination between the places of parents and children. The family dynamics of the cases attended to reflected the current state of contemporary relationships characterized by fleeting and unstable bonds, where children are hardly offered solid references of morality, solid references of morality, as well as experiences of continence and tolerance to frustration. frustration. Regarding the school dimension, it became evident how much the school institution. The most recurrent questions regarding the development of the higher mental processes (attention, memory, and thinking) in children diagnosed with ADHD. The most recurrent issues concerning the psychological process of the children diagnosed with ADHD were: difficulties to fully experience the separation from the mother, absence of the father figure, lack of control of sexual and aggressive impulses, avoidance of situations that require effort, thinking and concentration. In all the cases it was possible to find elements that were repeated in the different moments of the psychodiagnosis, in such a way that they could offer clues to find the latent motive of each particular complaint, without requiring me to resort to crystallized preconceptions of a psychopathological diagnosis.

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