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“Script” de Vida: Histórias Entrelaçadas [Life Script: Interwoven Stories]

SOUZA, Marilza T.S. (1998) – “Script” de Vida: Histórias Entrelaçadas [Life Script: Interwoven Stories]. Master’s Dissertation. Campinas (SP), Faculdade de Ciências Médicas da Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP). 2 v., 392 pp.
This paper intends to study the building of the life’s script focusing on three generations, based on the theoretical presuppositions of Transactional analysis and some points of the Systemic theory. Considering the “script” as an established plan for the child under parent’s influence and that it determines the life’s course of an individual, we intend to analyze: a) how family influences are transmitted, noticed and perceived; b) how the life style adopted relates to the premature influences; c) what is the role of the “script” in the conjugal relationship. The method of case studies was used, enclosing a sample of three family groups of three generations. As auxiliary tools were used a semi structured interview and the Drawing-of-Family-with-Story Procedure (DF-E). The analysis of the results show that: a) family influences are transmitted and noticed in a interaction between grandparents, parents and children, through hopes, models and attributions with common and specific aspects for each person; b) the life style adopted relates to the premature influences in the proportion that is used to attend the family hopes, supply the individual non attended needs, repair the failures of the family of origin and maintain interaction models that are considered positive; c) the individual scripts act in a complementary way to the conjugal relationships. The results show efficiency of the DF-E in the apprehension of the concept of family for three generations and its relations with each other. For these generations, transmission of myths, hopes, conflicts and the influence of all these aspects in the construction of the individual life script, were detected.

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