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Perception of the Family Health Team on the care of drug users

LIRA, L. S. S. P. et al. Perception of the Family Health Team on the care of drug users. Saúde debate, 44 (125), 27 July, 2020. Apr-Jun 2020.

Available on: https://doi.org/10.1590/0103-1104202012507I  

Study aiming to understand the perception of the Family Health Strategy team about the care of drug users. This is a phenomenological study in the approach of Maurice Merleau-Ponty, conducted with nine professionals from a Family Health Unit in the interior of Bahia, Brazil, from January to March 2012, through the open interview related to reading of Thematic Drawing-and-Story Procedure produced by the participants themselves. The comprehension of the descriptions occurred through the Ambiguity Analytical technique, which originated two thematic axes: the belief in the existence of a space for the insertion of the drug user; and the belief that the user is outside society. Thus, looking at the user as someone who looks from the outside, without intertwining with him, contributes to segregation and social exclusion, which requires professionals to suspend theses that they support in the field of drug use and resignification of the way they see and take care of the drug user and his family.

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