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Itinerário terapêutico de pessoas que convivem com HTLV [Therapeutic Itinerary of people living with HTLV]

DIAS, E. A. Itinerário terapêutico de pessoas que convivem com HTLV [Therapeutic Itinerary of people living with HTLV]. Undergraduate Thesis. Nursing. 2018. 79f. Centro de Ciências da Saúde- Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia. Santo Antônio de Jesus (BA), 2018. 


HTLV (Human T-cell Lymphotropic Virus) is an incurable infectious-contagious pathology. In Brazil, it constitutes a public health’s problem, because the appropriate strategies for facing this issue are not assumed. Facing the diagnosis of HTLV I and/or II requires that each person review his or her trajectory in the search for care. Therefore, the objective of the study is to understand the therapeutic itinerary of people living with HTLV I and/or II, linked to the Counseling and Testing Center (CTC) of Santo Antonio de Jesus- Bahia. This is a study with exploratory, descriptive and qualitative nature. It has, as subjects of the study, three seropositive women for HTLV. The collection of information used the techniques of the in-depth interview, application of Thematic Drawing-and-Story Procedure and construction of familiar genograms and ecomap. The results show that the diagnostic’s spaces are mostly in spaces of blood donation and health units in the gestational period in antenatal examinations. Individual, familial, social, and sentimental relationships are affected and can generate sadness, unpleasantness, grief, sorrow, suffering, evidenced by the lack of knowledge and uncertainties about the infection. They recognize the importance of family support and social networks for facing the infection/illness. The invisibility of HTLV is a result of the lack of dissemination of information about this infection in the media, besides the explanations and presentations of scientific solutions for this virus. In this context, it is urgent that nursing be inserted in the production of knowledge on this subject, once it represents an area that contemplates in its object the care.

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