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Impactos do envolvimento de mulheres presidiárias com o fenômeno das drogas [Impacts related to the involvement of women prisoners with the drug phenomena]

MOREIRA, V. S. Impactos do envolvimento de mulheres presidiárias com o fenômeno das drogas [Impacts related to the involvement of women prisoners with the drug  phenomena]. 125 p. Master’s Dissertation –  UFBA. Bahia, 2013.

Available on: https://repositorio.ufba.br/ri/bitstream/ri/11765/1/Disserta%C3%A7%C3%A3o_Enf_Vanessa%20Moreira.pdf

The present  research  approaches  the  female  role  in  the  drug  phenomena  focusing  the involvement of  women prisoners with the consumption and trafficking of these substances and the impacts from this involvement in their lives. Developed with the assumption that the involvement of women with drugs  generates impacts of various orders that are worthy of being investigated, the following objectives were  established: describe the involvement of women serving time in prison with the drug phenomena and identify the impacts from this involvement  in  their  lives.  This  is  an  exploratory,  descriptive  research,  of  a  qualitative approach,  performed  with  twenty-six  interns  of  a  female  prison,  in  Salvador-BA.  The information was collected from the period of April to October, 2011, on alternate days and hours,  in  accordance  with  the  conditions  of  the  institution,  by  gathering  information, Thematic Drawing-and-Story Procedure and semi-structured interviews. The information, a priori, was analyzed separately in accordance with the techniques used and, later, following the phases of thematic content analysis. The results reveal distinct forms of involvement of the women with drugs,  the  influence  of  the  prison  context  at  the  beginning  of  the  consumption  and/or substitution of drugs, and the reproduction of gender inequality in the role  performed by women in trafficking. Imprisonment was associated with a situation causing loss related to freedom, family ties and material assets. Feelings of guilt, fear, sadness, shame and situations of violence, as  well as opportunities to study, professional qualification and reconciliation with some family members were also denoted as impacts resulting from involvement with drugs after entering the prison. Financial gains resulting from the drug trade were signaled as relevant to cover personal and family necessities.  Despite the research having been limited to a group of women prisoners, the results evidence gender inequality regarding the involvement of women with drugs and the repercussions indicate the urgency of further investigation on this matter.  Further, the need for inclusion and/or expansion of the approaches to this issue in the formation of  Nurses is demonstrated with the aim of a practice that contemplates the specificity of women involved with drugs. 

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