Estudo clínico da fobia escolar [Clinical study of school phobia]

GIMENEZ, M. T. Estudo clínico da fobia escolar [Clinical study of school phobia]. 225 p. Master’s Dissertation – PUC-CAMP. Campinas (SP), 1983. Abstract: This work stems from the psychological clinical study of twenty cases of children showing School Phobia. The children’s ages ranged from 6 to 11 years. The cases of School Phobia are dealt with through psychodiagnosis, with the use of the Drawing-and-Story Procedure, and the basic proposition is to offer a systematization of the clinical picture, based on a classification and characterization of School Phobia according to the type of principal anxiety which is present as a predominant psychodynamic factor. The systematization, based on a theoretical, eminently Kleinian, referential, confers four classes, according to four types of School Phobia. School Phobia is considered as a variety of the phobias group and, as such, would be a neurosis related to conflicts of the Oedipal phase of the libidinal development. However, the present School Phobia study distinguishes that the most primitive psychodynamic factor of the School Phobias is the separation anxiety and anguish, in this phobia, which is connected to survival and not to castration (or loss of love) only. The most recent psychoanalytical clinical findings put the previous genital phase as a fixation point of phobias and one can extend such conclusions to the School Phobias, which would be the expression of a conflictive situation due to a deficient elaboration of the previous genital phase. The deficiency of the elaboration of this phase occurs because of the difficulty to integrate a depressive position, due to the intensity of the aggressive oral phantasies.

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