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Do voo preciso: considerando o imaginário coletivo de adolescentes [On the precise flight: considering the collective imaginary of adolescents]

BARRETO, M. A. M. Do voo preciso: considerando o imaginário coletivo de adolescentes [On the precise flight: considering the collective imaginary of adolescents]. 197 p. Doctoral Thesis – PUCCAMP. Campinas (SP), 2006.

Available at: http://www.bibliotecadigital.puc-campinas.edu.br/tde_arquivos/6/TDE-2007-01-03T063841Z-1236/Publico/Maria%20Auxiliadora.pdf

Abstract: The present work has as its main purpose the investigation of the collective imaginary of adolescents concerning the phase of life they are in and their leaving of their parent’s houses. It is organized in the shape of a narrative about a clinical event, from which a theoretical-practical, psychoanalytical-based reflection has been elaborated. It focuses, as a clinical event, on a group therapeutic consultation carried out with six youngsters, with ages ranging from fifteen to twenty-one, in which the Thematic-Drawing-and-Story Procedure was used. The therapeutic session and story-drawing approach, produced through the psychoanalytic method, allowed for the apprehension of the following unconscious psychological-experiential fields, from which the subjective productions of meaning organize themselves: “fusions and confusions”, “a parallel world”, “a negative view of the future” and “the choices”. Overall, these fields indicate the presence of a current suffering, specific to adolescence in our environment, which indicates the necessity of psychoprophylactic and intervening measures which could contribute to help the youngsters enter a process of retaking their own destiny and conquering autonomy. From this perspective, one can assert that adolescents will be healthier the more they feel alive, real and capable of making choices for their own paths, portrayed by spontaneous and transforming gestuality of the world.

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