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A representação parental de casais homossexuais masculinos [The parental representation of homosexual male couples]

RODRIGUEZ, B. C. A representação parental de casais homossexuais masculinos [The parental representation of homosexual male couples]. 107 p. Master’s Dissertation – Instituto de Psicologia da USP. São Paulo (SP), 2012.

Available at: https://www.teses.usp.br/teses/disponiveis/47/47133/tde-07022013-092525/publico/rodriguez_me_corrigida.pdf

Abstract: This research aimed to investigate the parental representation of men couples, through parental image and generation legacy, updated by the process of psychic transmission. With the increasing of the new family configurations and the fundamental family role in the individual’s psychic constitution, it is necessary the study of the new roles and new ways of relating in these groups. There is not a prevailing family model and the amplification of its concept leads to the difficulty of abstraction of a unique meaning. Trying to comprehend how such representations happen and its possible relations and influences on the homosexual couple relation and, possibly on the homoparental family, five homosexual childfree couples were interviewed, besides the application of DF-E (Drawing-of-Family-and-Story Procedure) adapted. As general results we found out couples still very attached to their original families; stuck to the heterosexual conjugality model; whose relationships are characterized by the brevity they became compromised and cohabitation, with the finality of mutual support to the assumption of the homosexual identity of each of them. Before the found material, it has been concluded that the lack of preparation to leave the place of “son” is an influent factor to not think about the parenthood, and both are related to conflicts of family core, specially the lack of the homosexuality accepting. We emphasize the need for a greater number of researches in this area, from psychoanalysis to the interdisciplinarity interface, so that an ethic marked by the filial bond can be established, the foundation of a new relational, conjugal, familiar and parental model.

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