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A face perversa da conveniência escolar: uma exploração psicanalítica do bullying [The perverse side of the educational interaction: a psychoanalytical exploration of bullying]

MARANGONI, V. X. C. A face perversa da conveniência escolar: umaexploraçãopsicanalítica do bullying [The perversesideoftheeducationalinteraction: a psychoanalyticalexplorationof bullying]. Master’sDissertation – UniversidadeEstadual Paulista. Assis (SP), 2018.

Available on:  <http://hdl.handle.net/11449/153102>

The purpose of this research in a broad sense is to explore bullying from the psychoanalysis point of view. Therefore, two clinical personality research techniques had been used, which have been widely used for psychological diagnosis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, first of all (a) the Drawing-of-Family-and-Story Procedure, and second (b) a Semi-structured Psychological Interview. Moreover, the psychoanalytic theory had been also adopted as support, especially Freud and his followers’ work. The research was built through voluntarily offered data collection and analysis by secondary school students from a state school in Assis – SP, which were considered potential agents and / or victims of bullying, as well as through a bibliographic review on bullying. In a specific sense, this research sought to explore possible connections between bullying and the perverse libidinal organization, based on Freud’s understanding of perversions. Thus, Freud’s main work, in which the perverse type of organization of the libido is the main subject, had been selected, knowledge later used to support the exploitation of bullying. Regarding the results, there are plausible indications that bullying can be one of the effects of a possible emotional impairment among the involved ones, particularly aggressors, victim-aggressors and typical victims, even considering the necessity for further studies and research on the subject.

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